MSES – Environmental Consultants | Third Party Review Services

MSES is a Calgary based environmental consultant agency staffed with excellent independent environmental scientists who specialize in conducting third party scientific review of environmental documents.

MSES has a proud tradition of assisting aboriginal groups, their legal teams, and review boards in making sense of complex data associated with a myriad of environmental documentation.  MSES has provided expert and rigorous third party review services for environmental impact assessments, environmental impact statements, benefits agreements, cumulative effects, traditional land use, and more.  MSES has a team of experienced and well published independent scientists who know how to analyze and explain complex environmental data for the use of aboriginal groups, their legal teams, and review boards aiming to decide on fair terms for industrial developments that affect indigenous peoples and their land.  They have excellent experience particularly in regard to the pipeline approval process and the corollary regulations, to ensure that accurate data is used to make well informed decisions.

MSES’ expert environmental consultants also conduct their own environmental assessments for aboriginal groups, industry, or any related stakeholders. MSES has a long track history of conducting independent, rigorous, and defensible studies to build documents that will hold up against the stiffest of scrutiny.  MSES pays particular attention to the details and leaves no stone unturned when gathering data for environmental assessments of all kinds.  They have conducted numerous environmental impact assessments for all kinds of situations and purposes.  They also have extensive experience in environmental surveys, including wildlife surveys, vegetation surveys, species at risk surveys, and breeding bird surveys.  Not only that, but they also provide expert water quality monitoring services to complete hydrology assessments and hydrogeology assessments.  Finally, MSES has also in the past conducted disturbance mapping which includes habitat assessments, disturbance analysis, anthropogenic disturbance, and human disturbance.

MSES conducts independent, rigorous, and defensible environmental science.  Get the correct data for the correct decisions.

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